We are aiming to create a high quality standards, Faster and Trusted is our mottos. Customer Satisfaction is the key driver for Artex Cargo. The core of our job is not only to meet, negotiation, but also to exceed our customers expectation. This leads us to continuous improvements in the service that we offer and highlights the importance of developing systems for carrying out all the key activities to optimize the delivery solutions. This is evidenced by our participation in All type of freight forwardings.
Cargo handling provides us with a common quality management platform and enables an efficient and regular dialogue with customers, based on facts and focused on improvements.
Artex Cargo that brings together some major airlines cargo, freight forwarders for sea freight and ground handling agents with the unique goal of implementing and maintaining a quality management system for the worldwide freight forwarders industry. Artex Cargo was one of the founding members.

Our quality improvement is actively and constantly measuring and initiating improvement actions to the quality performance. These actions have shown their effects. Nevertheless we are still striving to improve this level.

The goal is not only to be in the Top of the Freight Forwarder benchmark, but also to have constant improvements in the feed-back we get from our customers in the Customer Satisfaction Survey performed yearly.

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Artex Cargo

(PT. Arta Boniaga Mandiri)

Jalan Cengkareng Golf Club,
Pergudangan RA AVATAR,
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Tangerang, Banten 15126

Phone/WA. +6287877931693 (Cs 24 Hours)

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